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What is the NEST+m CS50 Hackathon?

CS50 at NEST+m is an adaptation of Harvard University's popular CS50: An introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. CS50 has become the most popular course at Harvard and is now offered at Yale as well.

It a tradition at Harvard, for CS50 students to have an all-night Hackathon, where they have the opportunity to work on final projects alongside classmates and staff.

The NEST+m CS50 Hackathon is a new tradition at NEST+m where students can be introduced to or practice their programming skills, with lots of support, while working on CS50 problem sets. Our Hackathon happens on a Saturday, from 10am to 3pm, which allows students the opportunity to break free of the constraints of a 43-minute class period.

NEST+m CS50 Hackathon Schedule

Date: Saturday, April 13th | Time: 10am to 3 pm | Location: NEST+m Library
Time Event
10:00 AM Arrive / Sign In / Get Online
10:30 AM Upperline Code: Intro to Python Workshop
11:00 AM Programming
11:30 AM Harvard Professor David Malan: Introduction to Algorithmic Thinking
12:00 PM Lunch
12:30 PM Upperline Code: Advanced Python Workshop
1:00 PM Programming
2:30 PM Showcase of Student Work / Wrap Up
3:00 PM Hackathon Ends

CS50 Labs and Problem Sets

Beginner Python Labs: Data Types, Strings, User input, Printing, Control Flow
Intermediate Python Labs: Loops
Challenge Problems
Advanced AP Programming Problems

Please print out and bring these two forms to
Ms. Tanzosh (Room 301) to guarantee a spot!

Unless you are 18 or older, both forms must be signed by a parent or guardian. Make sure your name is clearly printed on both forms as well.

Register for our April 13th Hackathon

There are no prerequisited for attending the NEST+m CS50 Hackathon. Do bring a laptop if you have one. Lunch and snacks (and swag!) will be provided.

Register by filling out this short form and then print out and fill out the release forms above.